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About Hurley
In 1985, Two enterprising young friends, Johnny Huan and Paul Wong decided to go into business together. It was a time of the economic downturn, all around were job retrenchments, paycuts, layoffs and depression. Undeterred by all these signs of bad times, Johnny and Paul pushed on looking for the right product. As simply put by Johnny, the driving force behind the partnership."We were caught between choosing economic survival and helping others."Then we got the idea, "Why not do both?" Do business and help others to help themselves. Thus was born Hurley, a business which started from humble beginnings and is now a multi million dollar company with a network ranging from Malaysia, through Singapore, Hong Kong, India and others.

Distributing more than 150 water and air filter products, Hurley is arguably amongst the biggest and most financially stable players in the Water and Air Filter business. Now, to top off the impressive list of Health Saving products comes "Actimo Gold",a revolutionary water cyclone which turns ordinar y filtered water into "Hexagonal" water which breathes life into human cells and tissues.

Despite their outstanding success, Johnny and Paul are still low profile and focused on their philosophy of "Our Success is Helping Others to Succeed". They have created a system of "Neighbour Introducing Neighbour", whereby users of the "Actimo Gold" Hexagonal water system pass on the Health and Business Benefits which they have realized to their friends and neighbours. It is also the Company’s intention to overcome the negative impressions arising from the word "Multi Level Marketing" (MLM) which is so often used but very often misrepresented. Hurley’s method although similar in concept is different in its Honesty and Integrity policy.Every member of Hurley, including the two (2) partners themselves have to sign the Company’s "Code of Conduct" which emphasizes Truth, Honesty,Integrity and above all "Help Your Neighbour". As quipped by Johnny Huan, we also want to set a standard which others will emulate in terms of fairplay and concern for our neighbour. Hurley’s totally new "Actimo Gold" Hexagonal Water System also seeks to dispel the many misconceptions of how Hexagonal Water is really produced.

Hurley also moves away from the traditional method of doing business. No one has to "Sell" anymore, it is all by bringing family and friends to the company’s new Multi Million Dollar facility in Ipoh where a full complement of Exper ts and Specialists in health are waiting to introduce them to a "Quality of Life" concept in living ever yday. Fully equipped with modern business facilities, the New Headquarters building also houses a Spa, Health Bar , Meeting Rooms etc. These are all for the use of the company’s numerous members and their friends. A team of doctors, nutritionists, trainers and other specialists are on hand to listen to members needs and deliver the optimum solutions.

From merely distributing imported products, Hurley now imports, assembles, custom manufactures to client’s specifications and eventually will have a fully integrated manufacturing facility in Malaysia. It will be another proof of "Malaysia Boleh".

A totally modern facility, Hurley HQ is now totally High Tech with a net based presence fully accessible to members. It is the Nerve Centre for the Company’s Online Transactions, Enquiries, Distribution, Marketing and Customer Ser vice. It is a Next Generation Concept which will be online shortly.

Over the past 20 years, Hurley has grown from an owner operatedbusiness to a Multi Staffed and Global Company with thousands of people,involved in the business worldwide. It is now working towards an ISO certification with plans for a Public Listing in the near future.

We sincerely want to provide a platform where everyone irrespective of Colour , Creed or Profession can take advantage of the Healthy and Fulfilling Lifestyle which we have created for them. It is not about "Money", its about "Sharing" says Johnny Huan. We therefore invite ever yone to share in our concept of what life should be really about,that is: